We offer a relaxing sensory room filled with tactile toys and lights which is available on Tuesday's and Friday's at 10am until 4pm. The sensory room is only available via a booking in system. The price for the sensory room is £10 for an hour slot. The price also includes lunch for the adult. If you would like to book a time slot, you can contact us via the 'contact' section of the website.
We offer a stimulating games hall filled with fun activities such as pool/snooker, table tennis, board games, arts & crafts etc. The games hall is available on Tuesday's and Friday's at 10am until 4pm. The games hall is a walk in service so there's no need to book. Just come along! The price for the games hall is £10 and you can stay as long as you like. This also includes lunch for the adult. We are now open on Sunday's and Wednesday's offering a karaoke disco for adults with learning difficulties and physical disabilities, our Sunday 1/3pm has proven extremely popular and busy so we have opened an additional day Wednesdays 3/5 pm at the same price of £6 per person including refreshments and a raffle. Transport can be available buy previous arranging.


We offer an entertaining Karaoke Disco on a Sunday afternoon at 1pm until 3pm. And now a Wednesday at 3/5pm .We have our volunteers providing high quality live entertainment and the adults/elderly who attend regularly always love to get involved in karaoke singing and dancing. The karaoke disco is available for adults aged 16 and over. The price for the karaoke disco is £5 per person and this includes a snack and drink of their choice. We also offer an optional prize draw raffle for an additional £1. Elderly people and adults with disabilities/difficulties are both welcome at the karaoke disco. We have found that the karaoke disco is very beneficial to elderly people who suffer from dementia.


We offer a wide variety of activities at the club for the children on Tuesday's and Friday's 6pm - 8pm. The children who attend the club have various conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, Tourettes, Hypermobility, Down Syndrome and many more. We offer pool/snooker, table tennis, arts & crafts, music, computing, board games, sports, outdoor activities and many more. We also offer a sensory room for the children but this is only open on Friday evenings. Having two children's clubs allows us to separate the children into two groups and we tend to keep the Friday open to children who specifically require the use of the sensory room. The children's club is free however if you wish for your child to be provided with snacks/refreshments then we ask for a £2 fee to help cover our costs. However the children can always feel free to bring their own snacks/drinks etc. The children's club is not a walk in service. If you would like your child to attend, please contact us because we usually conduct a home visit first to fill in necessary paperwork and then arrange an appointment for the family to visit the club.


We offer Elderly Active Lunches on Tuesdays and Friday's at 12 pm until 3 pm. Elderly people can come along to the club and enjoy tea and biscuits and a while later they can indulge in a delicious homemade lunch and refreshments. They can interact and socialise with other elderly people who attend. We also offer different activities each week such as prize bingo, live entertainment, quizzes, memory teasers and much more. The price for the service is £6 per person. Some of the adults who attend the club before the elderly lunches like to stay and enjoy the entertainment too.